Make-up of the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore not decided by council

We thank Mr Sean Lim Wei Xin for his views (Asas needs diversity in its council, Aug 8).

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (Asas) is an association of associations.

This means that its members are not chosen by the council but appointed by their respective organisations and government agencies to represent relevant key stakeholder groups from consumer, business and Government.

The nominations of the respective organisations determine the composition of the Asas council, including its diversity.

Where there is a shortfall in expert or domain knowledge, Asas seeks out relevant experts and stakeholders for their input.

In matters of taste, such as on decency or (in this case) race, Asas consults its council members who are from the relevant government agencies.

As for the clearance of any advertisements before publication, because Asas is a self-regulatory body that works on a complaints regime, it is up to the advertiser to send potentially controversial advertisements to us for a second opinion on acceptability.

For example, advertisers who have run the Halloween theme often send such advertisements to Asas for copy advice if the advertisements might be too frightening.

Ang Peng Hwa (Professor)


Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore

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