Make the switch to green energy retailers

Our individual actions are never too small to make a change.

I must laud the Government and the energy industry for their efforts in providing Singaporeans with greater accessibility to alternative electricity sources and the ability to make better, more informed choices about where their electricity comes from (Open electricity market debuts on strong note; Nov 2).

It was reported that "more than 2,000 households and firms in the north of Singapore signed up to new contracts". This works out to about only 0.57 per cent of the 350,000 accounts that were eligible to sign up with the alternative electricity retailers.

This is abysmal, considering the figure includes firms on top of households.

Admittedly, it has been only a couple of weeks since consumers have had the opportunity to change electricity retailers.

Still, I hope that consumers will come to realise that choosing greener electricity retailers is a great way to be more environmentally responsible, and they will ultimately switch over to electricity retailers that offer more carbon-neutral sources of electricity.

Perhaps, green electricity retailers could ramp up publicity efforts to help households and firms realise the personal positive impact they could have on the climate while ensuring that they are reaching as many segments of the population as possible.

Another solution could be to improve government support for the green movement by putting in place a Green Mark rating system to recognise firms that derive electricity from green electricity retailers.

This would help improve the firms' public image, especially as there has been so much discourse surrounding climate change and the need to act with urgency.

Milton Seah Chan Kwang

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on November 17, 2018, with the headline 'Make the switch to green energy retailers'. Subscribe