Make soldiers part of 'war on diabetes'

Now that the "war on diabetes" has gone into full swing, there is no better group to rope in than the very people who will protect our country should a real war occur (Eat less white rice, switch to brown or mixed rice, urges PM; Aug 21).

It would be good if the Ministry of Defence could work with Singapore Food Industries and Foodfare Catering to make whole grain rice an option at all Singapore Armed Forces cookhouses and camps.

The Health Promotion Board has espoused the benefits of healthier options like brown rice, whole wheat noodles, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Some may say that full-time national servicemen are still young and not yet at risk of diabetes.

However, it is never too early to inculcate good habits.

The additional cost incurred to convert to whole grain rice, if any, is an investment worth making, for the sake of the health of the young men and women who serve our nation.

The Health Ministry has said that it will be a long-drawn-out "war", with results apparent only decades later.

Let us make our soldiers part of the "war on diabetes".

Lynn Low (Dr)

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