Make PCN even more seamless for cyclists

While I applaud the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and National Parks Board (NParks) for building "continuous sidewalks" ("New PCN crossings make cycling, walking safer"; last Saturday), there is more that can be done for cyclists.

Recently, instead of driving to the Sports Hub, I decided to cycle there from Bishan Road, using the Park Connector Network.

The journey was less than 8km and should have taken me about 20 minutes.

But, to my horror, I had to carry my bike across four overhead bridges along the way.

I ended up taking more than an hour to reach the Sports Hub. That sapped my energy for the day.

I hope that the LTA and NParks will look into improving the connectivity of the PCN across the island to make it trulyseamless, allowing cyclists to travel from one park connector to the next without having to get off their bikes and carry them across overhead bridges.

Gary Gan Hee Ann

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