Make national songs more accessible

On National Day, my children suggested that we play some national songs on the piano so as to create a festive mood at home. I tried to search the Internet for music scores that they could play but could not find any, except our National Anthem.

I applaud the National Heritage Board for making various arrangements of our National Anthem available for download as music scores and recordings on its website.

The relevant authorities should do the same for popular National Day Parade songs, such as Home and Stand Up For Singapore.

Making music scores easily available will help in popularising these songs by encouraging more people to learn and perform them.

Understandably, there will be music licensing issues involved. The National Day Parade organisers should arrange for music scores to be made publicly available when commissioning national songs.

As for past national songs, perhaps the respective copyright holders could consider making their music scores part of the public domain so that they are accessible to all Singaporeans.

Er Chiang Kai

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