Make it an SOP to ask for Pioneer Generation card in clinics

I was dismayed to realise that such a poor attitude has crept into our places of work, and more so at a clinic (Why fuss over when Pioneer Generation card is shown?, by Ms Tan Kim Hong; Forum Online, Aug 30).

Those serving the elderly in places where concessionary rates are available to them should be required to ask the elderly person for his Pioneer Generation card.

We should not let the responsibility of producing it fall to the elderly person, especially if the person is seeking care in times of duress or physical discomfort.

We cannot expect a person who is advanced in age to be in the right frame of mind under difficult circumstances.

Making staff ask for the card as a standard procedure shows patience and understanding of the needs of the people they serve.

Hopefully, by making it a compulsory part of the routine work flow, junior staff will be encouraged to enhance their caring attitudes and skill sets whenever they attend to our seniors.

Training them well and having refresher courses are the way forward.

Nowadays, we can see a lack of caring attitude towards the elderly.

A caring attitude has to be inculcated from the formative age of a child if we are to have a complete U-turn in our social consciousness and graciousness.

Tan Kok Tim

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