Make HDB block numbers more prominent

Often, commuters in Housing Board estates expect to be picked up at their blocks within minutes of booking a ride on a ride-hailing app.

This is usually not a problem for drivers when the signboards that are usually installed at entrances leading to the blocks can be read easily.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In some HDB estates, block numbers are printed in extremely small fonts on non-contrasting backgrounds, making them difficult to decipher even in the day, let alone at night.

HDB should revamp the way it displays block numbers, as some are also obscured by trees.

Furthermore, block numbers are seldom displayed facing carparks. Hence, drivers who are usually expected to pick passengers up at the carpark are left confused.

Another problem that private-hire drivers face is vast HDB surface carparks that come with many right and left turns.

These are not unlike mazes, leaving drivers who are unfamiliar with those carparks in a spot while trying to enter or exit.

This situation is often exacerbated by the few exit signs provided, if at all.

I hope HDB takes these matters into consideration.

Seah Kian Chong

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