Make free parking a perk for teachers

Since last month's announcement that schools and some military camps and bases will start charging for parking soon, many people have voiced their concerns over this seemingly senseless move (Season parking fees to apply at six more military camps, bases, March 28; and Parking fees for teachers to kick in from August, March 27).

Teachers do not just teach during the morning or afternoon sessions.

Their work continues even after their official classes end, as they prepare lesson plans and teaching aids, grade schoolwork, as well as research subjects and activities in order to give our children a more holistic education.

These are mostly done in their own time in school or at home.

For all the sacrifices they make, is it beneficial for us as a society to be so calculative, and make them pay for something that has always been free for them?

In trying to be transparent, maybe we should make it official that teachers who drive should have the additional perk of complimentary parking.

It should be pointed out that in times of need, these teachers will willingly use their cars to help the school, a colleague or a student at no cost.

Policies should be applied with more sense.

Ng Kei Yong

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