Make errant PMD riders wear jacket with registration number

A man on an e-scooter riding along Old Airport Road.
A man on an e-scooter riding along Old Airport Road.PHOTO: ST FILE

A Sunday Times report (Too fast and too reckless, July 7) has revealed that many personal mobility device (PMD) riders ride way beyond the speed limit.

This is particularly dangerous on footpaths and shared paths, as the report also showed that a pedestrian hit by a PMD moving at more than 15kmh would most likely fall.

How, then, would a person who has fallen be able to see the registration number of the offending PMD?

Even a person who is able to remain standing will have difficulty as most PMDs' registration numbers are at the front and the offending PMD would have passed already.

To address this problem, I suggest the authorities make PMD riders caught speeding wear a white jacket with the registration number embroidered on the back in big, bold black type.

These offenders must wear such jackets before being allowed back on footpaths or shared paths.

Another plus in enforcing this is that if the person wearing such a jacket is speeding, one can easily snap a photo of the offender after he has passed you. To take a photo of a speedster when he is approaching you is not practical as he might get into a quarrel with you.

This move to make it easier to catch errant riders might seem a step too far. But nothing should hold back a system if it works.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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