Make all private clinics accept PG and Chas cards

Could the Health Ministry (MOH) consider making it compulsory for all private clinics to accept the Pioneer Generation (PG) and Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas) cards?

Many elderly people insist on visiting the clinic they are used to frequenting, in spite of having to pay a lot more. They do this either out of convenience or their inability to travel.

My mother is one good example. She paid $40 for cough medication at a nearby non-subsidised clinic.

The same medication costs $3.50 at a PG and Chas-subsidised clinic. But the cheaper clinic is farther away and too difficult for my ageing mother to get to on her own.

There are many other old folk in a similar situation.

With the bleak and uncertain economic climate, having subsidised medical care is truly appreciated.

I hope the MOH can persuade all clinics to participate in these schemes so that beneficiaries can truly maximise their benefits without having to face tremendous inconvenience.

Dun Fashe

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