Mahathir's words have only brought S'poreans closer

On behalf of Singapore, I would like to thank the oldest prime minister in the world, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Since his installation as the seventh prime minister of Malaysia, he has resumed his big-brother bullying of his southern neighbour.

First, he suggested that Singaporeans may be inspired to vote out the five-decade-old PAP Government. Then, he opined that Malaysia would convert the Middle Rocks into an island.

Next, he asserted that he would abrogate the agreement to build the high-speed rail link between Singapore and Malaysia. After that, he said Malaysia would relook the proposed trading link between the Singapore and Malaysian bourses.

And, just a couple of days ago, he criticised the price of raw water Singapore bought from Johor as "ridiculous" (S'pore and Malaysia must comply fully with 1962 water treaty: MFA; June 26).

Dr Mahathir might erroneously believe he has grabbed the tiny red dot by the throat. However, he must realise his actions and words thus far have had a counterproductive effect on Singaporeans.

What he has achieved instead is to steel Singaporeans' will and resolve to stand up for the Republic. To Dr Mahathir, I say: "Terima kasih banyak (thank you very much)!"

Ho Kong Loon

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