LTA should warn users of risks in downloading its 'beta' software

I have issues with the launch of the MyTransport app beta mobile application by the Land Transport Authority (Two-way Punggol LRT West Loop soon; Sept 8).

My main complaint is the use of the word "beta" in the name of the software.

Many people know that in software development, beta means the product is an unfinished version. However, the media release on the LTA website and also the news coverage make no mention of the implications or intent of this beta application.

If it really is a beta software, there may be risks to users of the application.

In the worst case scenario, such a software could pose security risks to those who download and use it.

Users are not warned of these risks during the download process of the MyTransport app.

There are also advertisements on buses encouraging users to download the application.

It is not clear why public funds are being used to promote a non-final version of the software.

I can only conclude that there will be a second round of campaigns for the final application.

There should be proper consideration for accurate communication and naming of the software. Otherwise, the credibility of the application and the accompanying campaign will be at risk.

Chong Ryh Huei

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