LTA must listen to customers to improve systems

In the spirit of improving and making our checkpoint clearing processes more efficient, I find no fault with Mr Lim Boon Seng's suggestions (Checkpoints' toll payment system needs to be upgraded, July 13; Onus on motorists to pay tolls and fees at checkpoints, by the Land Transport Authority; July 16).

I empathise with Mr Lim as I had the unfortunate experience of being in his shoes too.

Aside from this, as no receipt is issued after one pays for the toll, how do we prove to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officers that payment has been made?

Instead of adopting an open mindset to see how we can make Singapore a better city, the Land Transport Authority, in its letter, reminded motorists that it is our fault and that the current system is the best there is.

Can there be no further enhancements to our existing system?

Is this really the way forward?

Adopting a humble and open mindset, with special emphasis on listening to one's customers, is key to enabling an organisation to recognise its flaws and make improvements.

I hope the relevant authorities can come together and work out a more practicable solution to the current problem and, more importantly, show Singaporeans that our views matter, no matter how trivial they may be.

Chan Whye Shiung

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