LTA cannot be working in interest of bike-sharing firms

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) must show it is serious about arresting and containing the problem of the rampant and indiscriminate parking of bicycles.

Allowing bike-sharing companies to operate even before the required regulations and controls are put in place is a clear failure on its part.

They also have to share the blame for the eyesore created in many parts of Singapore from the bikes strewn all over the place and the irresponsible behaviour of users.

Recently, there have been reports about bike-sharing companies using technology like "geofencing" and "geostations" to put an end these problems (oBike puts the brakes on errant users; Oct 28).

But many bicycles are still being parked outside the designated places.

Have all the companies adopted this technology to bring the bicycle-litter problem under control?

LTA needs to get tough on the situation if it is going to succeed. There should be no more grace periods for these bicycle-sharing companies.

To further demonstrate LTA's resolve to control this problem, it must be prepared to stop or suspend companies found unable to ensure the responsible usage of their bicycles.

LTA should not and cannot be seen to be working in the interest of these bike-sharing companies.

Tony Lim Thiam Poh

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on November 29, 2017, with the headline 'LTA cannot be working in interest of bike-sharing firms'. Subscribe