Lower noise level in buses

Mr Moiz Tyebally's call for passengers to enjoy quieter rides resonated with me (Cut down on announcements at MRT stations and in trains too; Dec 28, 2017).

I am a Singaporean who has just returned from Taipei.

Since my return, I have been taking bus services 173 and 973 regularly.

The extremely loud beeping of the ez-link card readers, warning beeps of door closures and volume of the alighting bell have made my rides very uncomfortable.

I have written several times to SMRT and Tower Transit about this matter.

While SMRT is now working on lowering the volume in its buses, Tower Transit seems not to have taken any action.

Noise pollution is detrimental to health. It damages hearing and raises stress levels, heart rates and blood pressure.

In the enclosed space of buses and MRT trains, the high baseline ambient noise primes commuters to subconsciously increase their own volume when they speak.

The noise pollution can spiral out of control.

Several bus commuters I have spoken to concur that the noise is uncomfortably loud.

Just because commuters do not give feedback does not mean they accept the situation. They may not have the time or ability to provide written feedback.

I hope the bus companies can lower the noise level in their buses.

Liu I-Chun (Ms)

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