Looking forward to hearing parties' plans for Singapore

As we move into the election season, I look forward to hearing the plans and manifestos of both ruling and opposition parties.

I hope the parties will treat one another with respect and courtesy - showing by example how to be a First World country.

I strongly believe each party and its members want to serve Singaporeans and be their voice.

I remember clearly one policy analysis lecture I attended where the lecturer asked students to list examples of policies designed with "good intention and implemented well", "good intention but implemented poorly" and "not with good intention".

We could come up with policies and schemes for the first two categories but not for the last one.

This highlighted that in hindsight, it is easy to criticise the unintended outcome of some policies.

Over the years, while listening to speeches from political parties, I have learnt to be more critical; to consider not only the costs and benefits of plans and policies, but to also question their short- and long-term implications, ease of implementation, as well as their sustainability.

As I look at today's economy, I see an uncertain market, so I wonder how the Government will keep Singapore competitive and finance its services for the people.

As I look at today's state of health and social care, I do not wish for us to be a welfare state, so

I wonder: What is the balance that most Singaporeans are prepared to accept?

I am aware that no government can take full responsibility for its people and I wonder how the people and private sector can play a more significant role. This also includes the opposition parties providing an alternative voice.

Also, what creative ideas will the Government come up with to foster a stronger sense of unity among its people?

It is interesting to discuss these issues, and I hope like-minded individuals will do so, too.

This will remove the stigma of supporting a certain political party and focus attention on which political party can bring forth the best plans to move Singapore forward in the next five years.

Yang Mingyi (Ms)

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