Look to the future, build on the past

As Singapore looks towards SG100 and National Day nears, it is important that we take the time to look back on our history and heritage.

Doing so is important because we must remember the contributions of our pioneers and draw lessons from the past as we progress, so that we can better appreciate what we have today.

This will also help instil a sense of national pride, which is vital in the rapidly globalising world. It teaches us to think of a situation from different perspectives and sympathise with the situations others are in.

Educating children on Singapore's history and rich heritage will give them a better understanding of why and how Singapore is the way it is.

This can begin at home, where parents can tell them about Singapore's history.

History and social studies lessons should not be taken lightly because they let us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

While we look towards the future, I hope we will remember our past and continue building on the foundation our pioneers laid for us, with our culture and heritage in mind.

Lee Siu Ching, 14, Secondary 1 student

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