Look out for one another to fight terror

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had a hand in numerous attacks in various countries last year, and we anticipate more this year, especially since Jakarta was hit ("ISIS' growing influence in S-E Asia"; Jan 19 and "ISIS behind deadly Jakarta attack"; Jan 15).

Many say it is a matter of time before Singapore becomes the next target.

One of ISIS' aims is to sway disaffected young people who may have a rebellious streak.

However, with measures to block ISIS' online activities in place here, young people in Singapore may be at a lower risk of getting affected by the group.

Singaporeans must continue to be vigilant against extremism.

We must do our part by watching out for one another, as well as reaching out to fellow underprivileged citizens.

Society must be cohesive to prevent hostile groups from manipulating individuals.

Wong Yu An, 14, Secondary 3 student

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