Look into trend of firms offering contract jobs

In its recommendation for Budget 2016, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) called on the Government to review the criteria for Employment Passes and to tighten enforcement on companies that show no intent of developing a Singaporean core of workers ("'Tighten rules for firms not intent on hiring S'poreans'"; last Friday).

Another pressing issue which the workforce is facing is that many permanent jobs have been replaced with contractual terms.

This trend has injected a sense of fear and insecurity into the minds of many job seekers.

In this respect, the greater impact will fall upon the middle-aged, sole breadwinners, and graduating and young graduate job seekers.

Undeniably, the psychological impact on society and families will be far-reaching and would incur more ill effects than positive ones.

In recent years, sombre and uncertain global economic prospects have caused a lot of organisations to reassess their business policies, plans, strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

Thereafter, they re-adjust their business operations methods and structural employment terms to deal with the dynamic challenges.

Nevertheless, I hope NTUC can look into the companies that abuse the restructuring process and cut manpower costs by offering contract terms and denying contract employees medical benefits and bonuses.

Teo Kueh Liang

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