Forum: Long-term performance a key consideration in sports funding

Hougang United's 16-year-old winger Farhan Zulkifli (centre).
Hougang United's 16-year-old winger Farhan Zulkifli (centre).PHOTO: SINGAPORE PREMIER LEAGUE

We refer to Mr Dennis Ang Bak Hwee's letter (Channel funding to sports that can deliver results, Dec 18).

We agree that resources are finite and deserving athletes should be supported. Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) aims to support athletes and national sports associations (NSAs) in their performance development and high performance journey. This is exactly why SSI consistently reviews athletes' and NSAs' performances, and prioritises resource allocation.

Our High Performance Sports (HPS) system is designed based on an athlete-centric environment, to nurture athletes to reach their fullest potential. This includes a combination of careful planning and optimising available resources over the long term.

Operating over a multi-year timeframe, the HPS takes into account the needs of our athletes and individual sports development.

Funding is not a reward or disincentive programme, nor is it a zero-sum game.

NSAs submit their Multi-Year Sports Plans with mutually agreed key performance indicators that they have to meet. These parameters do not fluctuate based on a single event or major games, but take a long-term view towards sustained performance by the NSA and athletes.

It is also important to note that we support deserving athletes regardless of their NSA affiliation.

We give due consideration to supporting sports that could inspire, with the priority of ensuring that public resources are applied prudently.

We are mindful to strike a balance in favour of sustained performance over the long term, to make tweaks where necessary and increase the pool from which our next generation of sporting heroes may be cultivated.

S. Parameswaran

Deputy Director

Public Relations

Sport Singapore

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