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Long-lasting legacy of Mr Lee

Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore would not be a metropolis with a thriving economy and top-notch welfare ("The enduring ideas of Lee Kuan Yew"; last Saturday).

Though he was once criticised for his actions, we cannot deny that what he did was for our sake.

His legacy as our first prime minister will last forever. The ideals and values he integrated into our society helped Singapore develop into a modern and successful country. Many of the institutions that he built are still going strong, even after his death.

Even though Singapore has been called small or vulnerable, we have fought for our independence and persevered through uncountable obstacles, and we are confident about our future. Mr Lee laid the foundation for us. It is now our responsibility to mould Singapore further into a more successful country.

Raelene Quek Yi Xi, 15, Secondary 3 student


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