Local brands can boost football

Could the time be ripe for more Singapore brands to step forward to show their support for local football ("Some creativity needed to revive local football" by Mr Patrick Tan Siong Kuan; last Thursday and "Sports Hub must play part to support local football" by Mr Edmund Khoo Kim Hock ; Sunday)?

In Japan, domestic beer brands, such as Suntory and Sapporo, have had marketing campaigns in which their beer cans bore the colours and emblems of the various J-League clubs. Made-in-Singapore domestic beer brands could do something similar for S-League clubs.

Granted, the fervour that Japanese football fans have for their J-League is due to Japan being an Asian football powerhouse.

However, Singapore football has its accolades as well, for instance, the Republic being four-time

Asean champions and Malaysia FA Cup champion (2015 season).

We recently held Japan to a draw in a World Cup qualifier, too ("Lions repel samurai charge"; June 17). Our football players are also breaking into overseas markets, including in Australia's A-League and Japan's J-League.

Here is another thought: Established, globally recognised Singapore multinational companies could work with the Football Association of Singapore, S-League clubs and the Sports Hub to allow companies to host their clients at functions at the Sports Hub VIP lounge, in conjunction with S-League and Singapore Cup matches held there.

With some creativity, I am optimistic that these initiatives could be monetised somehow and converted into a decent investment return for all stakeholders involved.

Woon Wee Min

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