Liveability survey does not accurately depict situation in Singapore

I read with some amusement the report on Singapore's liveability standards (S'pore continues to rank highly in liveability polls; Aug 24).

In the report, an expert is spot on in saying that "liveability is about people's expectations, encounters and experiences as they interact with their living environment".

In other words, when Singaporeans complain of things like the rising cost of living, their feelings should not be taken lightly.

Saying that the "inflation figure is low" or "consumer price index has not risen" rings hollow and is meaningless to the layman, when we have to pay 20 cents more for our daily cup of coffee and when our packet of "economic rice" has increased by another 50 cents.

Telling the sick and the elderly that their needs will be taken care of does not help when they are still struggling to cope with the cost of living in Singapore.

The fact that survey findings about Singapore being the most expensive city in the world resonate with the people speaks of the harsh reality on the ground that many at the top may not truly understand.

In short, I have to agree with the experts that the liveability survey does not negate what we witness daily - that many are struggling to cope and make a living in our First World oasis.

Seah Yam Meng

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