Live and let live in estate matters

Most condominium residents have their own interests at heart and, therefore, there are bound to be conflicts with either their neighbours or the management council ("Subsidiary proprietors should ensure proxies act in their interest" by the Building and Construction Authority; Nov 29).

The best solution is to educate residents on the maxim "live and let live", and on their rights as an owner and also the work of the council, especially during annual general meetings.

We must not forget that those who come forward to serve in the council are all volunteers and are not paid a salary. They do it out of passion and a love for their estate.

When asked to serve in the council, many residents will usually refuse and, instead, want others to serve and represent their interests and views.

Let us abide by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, which clearly spells out the dos and don'ts in a development.

Willie Thia Kok Leong

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