Litterbugs, not offshore rubbish, responsible for East Coast filth

It is difficult to reconcile the amount of rubbish that cleaners sweep up every day and the National Environment Agency's (NEA's) statement that beach litter is offshore litter ("Beach litter also swept in from offshore"; Feb 22).

Examining the litter, for example, would show that the rubbish was not washed in by the sea.

Go to East Coast Park Laguna hawker centre early on Monday morning, for example.

Anyone would be appalled by the litter in the area - around the tables, behind the food stalls. It is simply disgusting.

Take away the cleaners from the beaches, the hawker centres and parks for two to three days and watch what happens. Our country is getting dirtier. We need to face up to it.

As a matter of interest, while NEA says that it has fined more people for littering, are these people paying token fines or are litterbugs slapped with the maximum fines?

Joyce Ong Swee Neo

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