Link courses to employers with job vacancies

It is heartening to note that the Committee on the Future Economy suggested having more modular courses to help workers reskill ("Panel suggests more modular courses to help workers reskill"; Feb 10).

However, for middle-aged or senior workers, courses alone are not sufficient to help them.

Many of them may not be able to find jobs after completing the courses, due to age discrimination by employers.

The solution is to align such courses to the requirements of employers willing to hire senior workers.

Workers involved in these courses must be attached to the companies, as part of training during the course. When they graduate, these workers will get to work for the company.

This will make courses more meaningful for senior workers, as they are assured of results at the end and that their new skills can be matched to real jobs and vacancies that are available.

It will also fulfil the needs of employers.

Unlike the young, who have time and better prospects, senior workers need a leg-up in landing a suitable job in their sunset years.

In a slowing economy with a shrinking job market and increased competition, teaching them how to fish is no longer enough.

We must also direct them to the right place to fish.

Seah Yam Meng

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