Limited ads on SGX website

Last Monday's report ("Check out the stocks on SGX... and the ads too") said that the Singapore Exchange (SGX) declined to comment on the issue of advertisements on the SGX website.

This misrepresented SGX's response to The Straits Times' queries.

SGX was erroneously referred to as a "privately held company".

SGX has been a public-listed company since 2000.

The report also indicated that there are no alternatives to SGX's website for information.

On the contrary, there are many other channels where investors can obtain the latest information on local financial markets, including but not limited to online trading platforms, news and investment websites and financial apps.

Online advertising is not unique to SGX among exchanges globally.

SGX limits both the space used for advertisements and the type of advertisements on the site, which relate to either financial products or to subjects based on the user's browsing history.

SGX continually reviews the advertising categories and advertisers and blocks those not deemed fit for purpose.

Our website content is almost entirely produced by SGX for the purposes of keeping our many different stakeholders informed and providing useful information to retail investors.

Meanwhile, we are in the process of reviewing our website interface, having taken in constructive public feedback that it could be improved.

Patricia Choo (Ms)

Head of Media Communications

Singapore Exchange

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