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Limit YouTube time while studying

Senior Tech Correspondent Irene Tham concluded that YouTube is not a digital diet that children should be given after letting her nine-year-old child explore the video streaming service (I let my nine-year-old explore YouTube; Oct 21). YouTube should not be the staple of teenagers' digital diet too, from a teenager's standpoint.

I sometimes consult Khan Academy, a channel that offers a world-class education to the masses, when I encounter questions concerning schoolwork.

But there are fewer of such useful channels than those meant for entertainment. With the "autoplay" function switched on, students are very likely to go off-track and watch videos not related to studying.

As such, using YouTube while studying can be problematic, if not disruptive, to students. It should be something to be enjoyed during the weekends and not excessively during weekdays.

Hai Oufan, 17

First year junior college student

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