Limit MRT announcements to important issues

Public announcements aired in MRT stations and in train cabins should be limited to only important matters.

Repeated announcements on issues that are a matter of common sense - like informing commuters to take the lift when feeling unwell or when carrying heavy stuff, or to hold on to the railing when using the escalator - are unnecessary.

There is also a risk of commuters tuning out the constant drone.

Thus, when important emergency announcements are made, they might think it is another unimportant announcement.

My point here is that MRT operators should be selective and air only essential announcements, such as what to do in times of emergency, or emergency contact numbers other than 999 for commuters to send text messages or call.

The latter is necessary in case the emergency button cannot be reached from where one is standing in the train cabin.

Another way to ensure quicker action regarding incidents on board a train is to give each cabin a distinct letter of the alphabet to identify it by.

Now, if a report has to be made about a particular cabin, it is very difficult to describe which cabin it is. A distinct identification for each cabin will make things easier.

Florence Veronica Minjoot (Ms)

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