Leverage social media to reach out to football fans

What the S-League needs to do is raise the excitement levels among football fans (Consider having a hybrid S-League, by Mr Ivan Goh Sian Lung; Sept 23).

One way to reach out to and engage more fans is to extract greater leverage from digital content and social media, including tying up with digital content and social media stakeholders.

A successful example can be found in British football.

The football fraternity there has a very robust tie-up with Pitchero, a website-building and hosting business with its own mobile app that services sports clubs, down to the non-league grassroots level.

Through the tie-up, every club is given coverage and the fans are engaged on the entire spectrum of football matters - from celebrating goals of the week to debating on football reforms - with football stars joining the conversations as well.

All this engagement strengthens fan loyalty and generates positive vibes which bring in the crowds for the football matches and for the merchandise sales, and lays the foundation for the development of a steady pipeline of football talent.

A similar tie-up here, with its ability to provide engagement opportunities on a 24/7 basis, could benefit the S-League clubs and Singapore football.

Stakeholders here need to explore this and other ways to harness the digital age to increase support for a sustainable and active football scene.

Woon Wee Min

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