Level playing field with smaller GRCs

I am glad there will be smaller group representation constituencies (GRCs) ("Smaller GRCs, more seats could see more contests"; July 14).

One of the hallmarks of democracy is an equal playing field for all parties.

The opposition parties often find it hard to construct a team for a large GRC. They frequently have to put all their eggs in one basket, like what the Workers' Party did in Aljunied GRC, where they fielded their best members.

With smaller GRCs, more prominent party leaders could be deployed to more GRCs, increasing their competitive edge.

Smaller GRCs also mean that residents can better identify with their MPs, instead of having a close relationship with only the person looking after their area.

Under the current system, greenhorn candidates can potentially sail into Parliament on the coat-tails of heavyweight ministers. However, after that, the members are split up, and each takes care of an area, like in a single-member constituency.

Hence, it would be fairer for candidates to pit themselves solely against another candidate. The electorate would also have a greater say in choosing their MP.

Dean Goh Yan Jin,15,

Secondary 4 student

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