Let's not take sides on a private matter

Although I have not read the six pages of the statement Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang posted on Facebook, it appears the dispute stems largely from a family disagreement on how the estate of Mr Lee Kuan Yew in Oxley Road should be handled.

What disturbs me is not the family squabble but how judgment and doubts have been cast on the current leadership and future of our country as a result of this dispute.

Today, when we deal with issues of tolerance and acceptance on an almost daily basis, I would think we would have learnt to be more thoughtful and discerning.

No matter what disagreement we face, we should try our best to work with harmony in mind.

To make allegations without caring about the repercussions is disrespectful.

As an auditor, I know that where there is no agreement on certain matters, it is even more important to approach matters in a rational manner.

I hope this incident gets resolved amicably and that Singaporeans will not be misled to take sides in a matter that is private and that should stay private.

Foo Hwee Ling (Ms)

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