Forum: Let's not go ballistic over one incident

A body-worn camera on a security guard. PHOTO: ST FILE

The idea mooted by Forum writer Leong Kok Seng (Body cameras for security guards, Nov 1) is a decision best left to condominium residents to consider.

If security guards are abused, there is always the law to fall back on. Condo security officers are not state enforcement officers, like those in the police force, who are exposed to more physical danger and harm.

The police are supported by legal powers, for example, powers of arrest and use of lawful force, so having body cameras ensures that public interest is taken care of.

The security guards in the recent incident involving a verbally abusive resident showed great discipline, forbearance and courtesy.

The incident also brought out the ugly side of some Singaporeans, who resorted to doxxing - digging up private information about someone and posting it online.

A few even called the resident on the phone to hurl vulgarities at him. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Let the law and the parties involved, including the condo management and the organisation representing the guards, sort out the issue.

People, locals and foreigners alike, do make mistakes in the heat of the moment and will have to answer for their actions.

So let us not go overboard.

Lim Ang Yong

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