Let kids live without fear

The mother of a three-year-old girl recently took a photo of her daughter standing on a toilet bowl and practising for a lockdown drill in case a gunman attacked her pre-school in Michigan ("Not so funny after all"; Sunday).

It is very hard to imagine children in Singapore having to do the same.

If I were the little girl, I would be afraid of what my country would become.

Unlike in Singapore, where guns are illegal, Americans have the right to bear arms.

Recently, there have been a few shooting incidents in the United States. They are traumatising and hard to accept, especially when you lose a family member.

While Americans are reluctant to lose their right to bear arms, children are losing their right to live without fear.

I hope the world will learn to live in harmony, and that goodness will prevail.

I also hope that guns will never be legalised in Singapore, so that similar shooting incidents will never happen here.

Charmaine Wong Yu Xin, 10,

Primary 5 pupil

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