Lee Wei Ling's candid views make for a page-turner

I went out and bought a copy of the book, A Hakka Woman's Singapore Stories, a compilation of articles and letters by Dr Lee Wei Ling, when it went on sale last Sunday ("...I'm a Martian anyway"; last Sunday).

Curious about the author, I effortlessly "devoured" the book in a few hours. 

Indeed, the stories made for compelling reading. I was impressed by her many candid and sincere statements throughout the book.

Book Cover: A Hakka woman's Singapore stories: My life as a daughter, doctor and diehard Singaporean by Lee Wei Ling. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

From her stories, which span a myriad of subjects, Dr Lee has demonstrated herself to be an outstanding person who possesses independent views on many subjects.

While she may label herself eccentric, her idiosyncrasies, generosity and outspokenness have invariably endeared her to a large segment of Singaporeans that, perhaps, she may not be aware of.

I believe many Singaporeans, like me, are touched by the strength of her often unwavering convictions. 

Her relentless pursuit of the truth, and what she adamantly believes in, are what many of us would love to emulate.

Some of Dr Lee's columns in The Straits Times and The Sunday Times over the years resonate with me and, I believe, with many other readers, too.

I agree with her views on legalising euthanasia, in particular, and feel it is the right way to go in this day and age.

Dr Lee displays an abundance of good traits, including an indomitable fighting spirit, doggedness, unique charisma, her uncompromising stance on principles and above all, complete truthfulness to herself.

These are certainly very special and unusual qualities. People of Dr Lee's exceptional calibre are rather rare in today's society.

It is regrettable that only 75 of the 180 articles and letters she wrote for The Straits Times and The Sunday Times are compiled and published in this edition. I am sure readers would like to see another book in which all the remaining pieces are featured.

I salute Dr Lee for exemplifying the traits of the typical Hakka woman, who is renowned for her inexhaustible strength, tenacity and resilience.

Teo Kok Seah

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