Leaving our voting legacy

My 15-year-old son has caught the general election fever and has asked me often about developments in the campaign.

All the rowdiness of the rallies has intrigued, yet confused, him. "Who is telling the truth?" he has asked.

It's both ironic and instructive that Greece, where democracy was invented, is now in deep financial trouble. We doubt it was the will of the people to vote themselves into such dire circumstances, yet the reality is that Greek democracy has chosen the leaders, through the years of elections, that led them to where they are now.

In the complexities of national politics, we will never be privy to all information to help us discern all the truths before judgment.

If we decide to forgo the security of track records and choose to try someone fresh, then we must discern even more prudently the reasons we are ushering untested ones in, for there may be serious national consequences.

Do we share with our children the reasons behind who we vote for?

The vote that we cast will usher in the very ones who will govern and lead Singaporeans into the future.

In short, whom I vote for will shape not just my future, but my son's too. I realise I need to be accountable to him in voting, and help him understand the reasons behind my vote.

Steve Chiu Shih Tung

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