Leave task of light-ups to those in charge

Orchard Road's Christmas light-up is more about celebration than contemplation (Celebrate, but don't rob believers of their festival; Nov 20). Contemplation can be done within places of worship and in homes.

The light-up is a national event and propagated all around the world partly to attract tourists to our shores.

I am proud to hear accolades from foreigners every year about the great effort we put into spreading cheer to all every Christmas.

It is arguably the most celebrated event here and definitely enjoyed by all, regardless of creed.

We should stop comparing light-ups and see the Disney characters as a fresh theme to this national event, and move on.

Allow the Singapore Tourism Board and Orchard Road Business Association to do their job. They are tasked not only to handle the lights but also to get the tills ringing.

In the same way, when it comes to lighting up for the other festivals celebrated here, the organisers must have been given very broad guidelines to put up themes as they see fit.

Unlike Christmas, which has a cosmopolitan appeal, other festivals may have to remain very traditional to draw in the crowd. We should leave such monumental tasks to STB and its partners.

Ho San Cheow

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