Leave party endorsement out of elected presidency

I agree with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that Singapore should have a minority-race president from time to time ("Race still counts in politics and at the ballot box"; Sept 5).

However, I also believe that most Singaporeans would want to elect a head of state who is not only qualified, suitable and experienced, but who also possesses the dedication, charisma and vigour to represent our country and all citizens, regardless of background.

I do not see the colour of one's skin as an important criterion for a person to occupy the highest office as our president.

For future presidential elections, political parties should refrain from openly declaring their support or preference for a candidate.

This will prevent the perception that some candidates are linked to certain parties. We certainly do not want our head of state to become entangled in a political fight right from the start of the election.

Muhammad Dzul Azhan Haji Sahban

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