Learn to coexist

Complaints about mynahs have been about the noise and soiling caused by the birds ("New method on trial to repel pesky birds"; Feb 26, and "The javan mynah: Today's pest, tomorrow's food?"; last Friday).

But every living thing eats, rests and defaecates, and mynahs are no exception.

So, let us not magnify this mynah issue into something so negative, but look for solutions that enable us - men and birds - to coexist.

To prevent roosting birds' droppings from landing on people, there should be signs in the area warning people of their presence. Or, sheltered walkways should be built.

To attract mynahs to less urban areas, we can start by growing trees there to provide them with food.

Singapore is likened to a garden. It is important to note that a garden is not a garden without the accompanying birds, bees and other animals.

If these were not around, Singapore would feel sterile and lifeless.

Florence Veronica Minjoot (Ms)

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