Learn serious lessons from incident

Safety professionals know that one good way to improve our knowledge in accident prevention is to learn from accidents.

A classic example of such an approach is the implementation of travel restrictions after Sept 11, 2001.

More recently, the United States and Britain announced a ban on carrying tablets, laptops and other large electronic devices in cabin baggage on flights, as lessons were learnt from analysing patterns of terrorist attacks.

However, such rules to prevent accidents need to be carried out conscientiously by everybody down the line.

Flooding in tunnels is no small matter and can lead to disastrous consequences.

The world saw a significant step-up in precautionary measures being taken to prevent floods in tunnels after the Chicago flood in April 1992.

The SMRT tunnel flood incident of Oct 7 is a blessing in disguise and should serve as an alarm bell for us to learn some serious lessons.

Goh Chye Guan

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