Learn from para-athlete's never-say-die attitude

My heartiest congratulations to Asean Para Games gold medallist Jason Chee for winning The Straits Times Star of the Month award (Courage resulted in golden reward; Oct 14).

Having followed his news since the naval accident in which Mr Chee lost his legs, left arm and three fingers on his right hand, I cannot help admiring his determination and resilience.

He has not wallowed in self-pity, nor has he felt that the whole world has come crashing down.

His optimistic outlook on life in the face of adversity puts many people to shame. We can draw an invaluable lesson from his never-say-die attitude.

Many of us are inclined to despair when faced with the trials and tribulations of relationships, career, business or studies.

But if we were to emulate Mr Chee's philosophical approach to life, we would be able to move on and cope with the many difficulties and problems along the way.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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