Law shouldn't allow dads to lose rights to kids without hearings

The report on the father who has not seen his daughters for more than two years is heartbreaking (Dad heartbroken that he can't see his 2 daughters, March 18).

What will be more troubling is if Singapore follows the example of the United States in depriving non-custodial fathers of post-divorce contact with their children.

Often, in the US, upon a caseworker's finding of a "family dysfunction" or a complaint from the custodial spouse and false allegations of abuse, fathers lose their rights to their children without any hearing.

The real victims are children who grow up without fathers, hearing them regularly demonised by the vindictive former spouses and, sadly, ultimately believing the worst about the dads they never knew.

Fathers deserve the joys of raising children and to share life's best moments with them too.

Mature and caring adults will set aside their acrimony and ill-will and focus on what is best for the children.

Our society and Government should enforce this.

John Timothy Driscoll

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