Lack of engagement at AGM

The Starhub shop at Plaza Singapura.
The Starhub shop at Plaza Singapura. PHOTO: ST FILE

I attended StarHub's annual general meeting (AGM) on April 30 and was puzzled by how the meeting was conducted.

With reference to the chairman's message in the annual report, I posed questions to board chairman Steven Clontz about the challenges raised in the letter to stakeholders. Some questions included a request to hear from the individual members on the board on what they bring to the table for StarHub, their thoughts and comments on the business and how they are tackling challenges and industry trends.

The request was turned down.

Mr Clontz did offer that the board members would be available after the meeting and that the questions could be taken offline. However, it would be different to engage board members in a formal public format, rather than speaking offline.

Subsequent resolutions on the agenda were expeditiously moved and closed, leaving no chance for engagement from the floor.

I came to the meeting expecting a certain level of interaction and engagement as part of AGM proceedings, but left bewildered.

Tan Kar Quan

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