Kudos to firms with pro-NS policies

It is heartening that businesses and organisations have attached greater importance to pro-national service policies ("More firms adopting policies to support NS"; last Tuesday).

I applaud these exemplary firms which not only arrange for their employees to attend NS training, but also provide incentives for staff who pass their fitness tests.

Such a sense of security consciousness so inculcated will serve as a morale booster for everyone in these organisations.

Given the fact that the world is fraught with uncertainties and threats, it is imperative that we continually embrace the importance of NS commitments, so that we are prepared for every eventuality.

Singapore's national security cannot and will not be enhanced without the full support of everyone here - individuals, corporations, security personnel and social institutions.

Therefore, we should discard the notion that protecting the country is solely the responsibility of the Government.

Instead, all of us must play a proactive role in helping to make our country a safe and secure place for businesses to flourish.

This will, in turn, create more job opportunities.

Only in a secure environment can we live and work in peace.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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