Kindness movement's efforts must be reinforced at home

We note with interest recent letters from the public at large, offering ideas and viewpoints on inculcating values both at home and in school.

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) works closely with the Ministry of Education (MOE) in its Valuesin Action programmes, contributing among other things our Kindsville Times and the accompanying video animation series.

The SKM also works with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and pre-schools to nurture good values among pre-schoolers, with Kindsville Tours conducted on SKM's premise.

Still, our best efforts must be reinforced within the families.

To this end, the SKM has started offering parenting talks aimed at working adults with young children.

Our upcoming musical called One Kind Of Science, co-produced by the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), also aims to bring parents and children together to catch a performance illustrating kindness in a simple yet scientific manner.

Online, the SKM shares stories about positive coverage and events via our social media platforms.

The SKM also has its content site called The Pride that regularly features stories, commentaries and videos of social causes and issues.

Positive-values education, which includes kindness and graciousness, goes beyond the classroom. The MOE, ECDA and SCS are our valued partners.

There's much more that needs to be done and we wish to work with many more like-minded agencies, organisations and the general public, to forge a greater and kinder society together.

William Wan (Dr)

General Secretary

Singapore Kindness Movement

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