Kindness keeps family together at foodcourt

My wife and I are visiting from Toronto, Canada (Debate rages on over 'choping' in hawker centres; April 30).

On Sunday afternoon, my relatives took us out to lunch at a foodcourt. There were seven of us and we wanted to be seated together. But we had some difficulty finding a big table.

We foundtwo tables, both meant for eight, next to each other.

However, they were occupied - one by four people and the other by three. The latter table had one person at one end and two women at the other.

We were about to split up to share the tables with them, but the two women saw our need and moved to the other table so that all seven of us could be seated together.

I thanked them, as I was touched by their kindness and consideration. This was a very positive experience for us and they made our day.

Vincent Li

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