Voices Of Youth

Keeping up in a changing world

In a rapidly urbanising and globalising world, it is imperative for Singapore to have adequate competencies to survive.

What I am referring to are the innovations and technologies which put us on the path to a sustainable future.

One such example can be seen in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) scientist who has created a wearable device that enables the visually handicapped to "see" ("Wearable device to show the way for blind people"; last Friday).

The invention shows how powerful technology can be and why there is an ever-growing need to educate our youth and encourage them to pursue lifelong learning in areas such as infocomm technology.

Singapore has provided various opportunities for people from all walks of life to develop their skills and learn about what interests them - through programmes such as SkillsFuture.

Such initiatives will propel Singapore in the right direction.

It is my sincere wish that we work together and play our part to help the nation keep up with the rest of the world, and to make our country a better place to live in, as one people, one nation, one Singapore.

Praakhar Agrawal, 12, Primary 6 pupil

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