Keep up harmonious labour-management relations

The office crowd in the central business district.
The office crowd in the central business district.PHOTO: ST FILE

It is heartening to know that workers here were in a celebratory mood on Labour Day (May Day spurs protests around the world, May 2).

While in many countries, protests and strikes were the order of the day, in Singapore, workers were celebrating their achievements - the fruits of their hard work and sacrifices.

The Singapore workforce has always been cooperative and responsible, and we must not forget the sacrifices workers made during the 1985 recession period when they responded well to the calls for wage freezes, unpaid leave, bonus reduction and Central Provident Fund cuts.

They did this to help save their companies from going under.

Such a harmonious labour-management relationship is due to the collaboration among unions, employers and the Government.

The tripartite partners have been instrumental in helping boost Singapore's economic competitiveness, which, in turn, contributes to the country's overall progress.

Given that the global economy is facing uncertainties and challenges, both employers and workers should continue to work together in close partnership and be prepared for all eventualities.

To this end, workers should always embrace upskilling and reskilling. With a can-do mindset, they will be able to overcome any difficulties that lie ahead in their working lives.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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