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Keep up green habits

As a resident of Jurong, I am heartened to see the plans for Jurong Lake Gardens take shape (New ideas to shape Jurong Lake Gardens; March 25).

Singapore has always sought to develop green spaces. But there are challenges.

Increasing human traffic to these spaces will inevitably increase waste and disruption to the biodiversity there.

But there are measures that can help mitigate this.

Food and beverage outlets can be "green" certified and incorporate innovative energy and water saving features.

Food waste treatment systems can be built or composting can be encouraged for the recycling of food waste.

Ownership can be cultivated among Singaporeans through outreach and education. We can increase public awareness of the biodiversity we have in the green spaces in Singapore.

For example, we can conduct environmental literacy classes in schools, especially those bordering the green spaces.

Children could explore Singapore's biodiversity both in and out of the classroom, hence inculcating a stronger sense of ownership and belonging.

This effect will then be spread to their families and future generations, allowing Singapore to maintain its biodiversity and the pleasantry of green spaces.

We have to keep up our green habits to continue Singapore's goal of being a Garden City.

Elysia Low Li Ying (Miss), 19

Year 1 university undergraduate

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