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Keep mobile devices out of bedrooms

Keep mobile devices out of bedrooms

It is not wise to allow children to use mobile devices before bedtime ("Mobile devices keep children from sleeping well: Study"; Nov 2).

Playing games on mobile devices may be too exciting before bedtime. It will eat into their sleeping hours, causing them to be very sleepy during the day, which will affect their concentration in school. Lack of sleep also contributes to health issues such as obesity and depression.

Mobile devices should be used for useful activities like reading and completing assignments. If we want to play electronic games, we should limit it to a short period of time.

In order not to be tempted to use our mobile devices before sleeping, we could charge them in common areas, such as the living room. This way, we can use our mobile devices wisely and not allow them to jeopardise our sleep.

Charmaine Wong Yu Xin, 10,

Primary 5 pupil

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